Small Church with a Big Impact

A place for everyone

Cornerstone is an opportunity zone.  It's a place to heal and be restored into fellowship with God.  By meeting once a week for corporate worship, our time is freed up for daily connection wherever we are.  We make opportunities known for every area of need in our church and community.  We urge everyone to pray and follow the Lord's direction to find their place in ministry.  Take a look at the opportunities below.

cornerstone connection

A private group for members

Join the Cornerstone Connection and participate in sharing news and discussions on topics of interest.  It's a great way to connect with other members of our church.


Living Hope

Family Crisis center

Living Hope Center in Show Low is more than a crisis pregnancy center. Resources are available to help any family, single moms or dads.  Ultra sound and pregnancy tests provide a way to counsel women in crisis to choose life.  The good news that God loves them is lived out at Hope House Maternity Home.  We also assist other benevolence ministries in the community.

Young life

A heart for youth

We work closely with the public schools and other ministries to reach the youth in our community.  By serving lunch at the Junior Leadership Academy, we provide home cooked food and love from our church to at risk young people.

Mountain men

mentoring the future

Mountain Men's Ministry provides connection between our evangelical churches and the community.  Events for men of all ages share the gospel and provide fellowship.

Women's ministry

Community engagement

We support the community Bible study group known as Monday Marys.  In this way we connect with the women of the White Mountains under a leadership team of six women from various churches.  Group fellowship and Bible Study are offered in a safe environment.


hands on

We form Impact Teams that participate in community outreach.  Before Covid an Impact Team formed yearly to label 10,000 water bottles for distribution at the Show Low 4th of July parade.