Cornerstone Council

we are a 501-C(3) non-profit corporation in arizona

Cornerstone Community Church is a 501 C-3 non-profit organized under the laws of the State of Arizona. A nine-member council meets following service on the first Sunday of the month to conduct church business. There are no paid salaries. Everyone is a volunteer. The church files an annual corporate report in addition to monthly and annual financial reports.

  • Clay Stidham, President

    Pastor Clay Stidham is the President of the Governing Board under the Articles of Incorporation.  He leads the meetings.

  • Nancy stidham, secretary

    Nancy is also the pastor's wife and takes the minutes. No more than two members of a family can be on the Governing Board.

  • Arnie Abrams, elder

    Arnie is a teacher and worship leader.  He leads the Friday Night Bible Study and Cornerstone Light at Solterra.

  • tom ensman, deacon

    Tom joined Cornerstone with Kathleen and has served as a deacon since the earliest days of the church.  He carried tons of equipment setting up all the chairs, tables and items used for church at the P-L Senior Center for 15 years..

  • Kathleen ensman, deaconness

    Kathleen joined Cornerstone and was baptized in 2001. She has served in children's and women's ministry as well as the hospitality ministry of our church.

  • John Major, deacon

    John Major is a prosecutor for the White Mountain Apache Tribe.  He is a valuable legal consultant for Cornerstone.  He also manages the offering and large signage.

  • Dennis Rayburn

    Dennis Rayburn is a retired contractor who now drives for the Fire Fighters.  He and his wife Jolene have two daughters.  Dennis and Jolene also serve a deacons on the facilities and connection teams.

  • jimmy seay, deacon

    Jimmy is a dry waller and also serves on our worship team.  Jimmy and his wife Carole joined Cornerstone in 1998.  Carole founded and directed the children's church until 2016.  Jimmy has been lead guitar since 1998.

  • tom szabo, elder

    Tom is a retired public school teacher but teaches at a charter school in Holbrook now.  He is a long-time member and Bible student, well-traveled since his Peace Corps days.  In addition to his Impact Hour classes, he is the pulpit pastor when Clay is gone.