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These articles focus on specific concerns deemed relevant to the Christian community.  We are observing the dividing lines between church and state. Click on the photo to read the story.  Articles are for information only and do not necessarily represent the views of Cornerstone Community Church.

  • persecution watch

    FL Elementary School Gives in to Atheist Group's Demands, Dissolves Christian Club

    A Florida elementary school has dissolved its Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA) club after the Freedom From Religion Foundation (FFRF), an atheist activist group, pressured them to do so.

    Hamilton County School district had allowed the North Central Florida Fellowship of Christian Athletes to begin a new club at Hamilton Elementary, according to a statement from FFRF, an organization that says it exists "to promote the constitutional principle of separation of state and church."

    The elementary school had announced on Facebook in late January that it was organizing a "new huddle" at the school. A little more than a week later, FFRF confronted the district about the group. 

    "The district's assistant superintendent informed FFRF's complainant that the Fellowship of Christian Athletes is an official 'student-led' organization at Hamilton Elementary," reads the press statement. "The response made it clear that the school was allowing a religious club for children at an elementary school during the school day."

    ...On the side of religious freedom, the nonprofit legal group First Liberty Institute disagrees with the school's decision to give in to the atheist threats.

    "Banning students from having a religious club at a school while permitting other, secular clubs is a travesty that teaches children their faith is unwelcome and must be hidden," First Liberty Institute Deputy General Counsel Justin Butterfield told The Christian Post.

    At the same time the Florida school was denying access to the FCA club, First Liberty managed to secure access for a different faith-based club at the Issaquah School District in Washington state. Creekside Elementary School has backed down after previously rejecting the club and will now allow two elementary school students to start an interfaith prayer club there.

    First Liberty Institute Associate Counsel Kayla Toney said, "Schools should always respect the religious beliefs of their students. This is a victory for students of all faiths and a reminder that people of faith have a constitutional right to express their religious beliefs and pray, even in a public school setting." MORE

  • culture watch

    Critics Blast BSA for Ditching the 'Boy' from Boy Scouts: 'Wokeness Destroys Everything It Touches'

    After more than a century, the Boy Scouts of America is changing its name to become a more "inclusive" organization several years after welcoming girls and gay boys into its scouting program.

    The Texas-based organization is dropping "Boys" from its title to become Scouting America – after holding its namesake for the last 114 years – to shed its image roiled in bankruptcy and sexual abuse claims. 

    The rebranding effort is a major shift for the organization that exclusively started for boys aged 11 to 15 and aimed to develop "good citizenship, chivalrous behavior, and skill in various outdoor activities." 

    However, in 2013, the organization made the exception to allow gay and transgender boys into the program and in 2015 it ended a ban on gay leaders. Then in 2017, the organization announced it would allow girls into its flagship Boy Scout program, renaming that to Scouts BSA.   MORE

  • revival watch

    ANOTHER Mega Baptism: Church Dunks 1600+ New Believers on Beach, 'The Spirit of God Is On the Move'

    A Florida beach is once again the site of an amazing move of God where thousands were baptized in Jesus' Name earlier this week.

    The Church of Eleven22 baptized more than 1,600 people on the shores of Hanna Park Beach in Jacksonville, FL Sunday. 

    "That's 1614 souls who've experienced God moving in their lives, have been saved by Jesus, and are now professing Him publicly as their Lord and Savior! We pray we never lose sight of how miraculous that is in just one person, let alone 1614," reads a caption from The Church of Eleven22.

    As CBN News reported, more than 200 people were baptized by minister Jenny Weaver at Clearwater Beach near Tampa, FL on Easter and nearly 1,000 men, women, and children were baptized through Grace Family Church at Fort De Soto Beach in the same city a few weeks later. 

    Jay Owen, a spokesperson with the Church of Eleven22, told CBN News that it is evident that a mighty move of God is taking place in America right now.  MORE

  • prophecy watch

    Pastor's Supernatural Vision From God Could Spark History-Breaking, Record-Shattering Mass Baptism

    The pastor behind a historic mass baptism last year is now setting his sights on what could once again break records and lead hundreds — if not thousands — of people to the Lord.

    Listen to the latest episode of the “Quick Start” Podcast

    Pastor Mark Francey of Oceans Church in California shocked the nation last year, when he hosted Baptize SoCal, an event that attracted thousands of spectators and led to nearly 4,200 baptisms.

    At the time, it was reportedly the largest recorded baptism in U.S. history.

    One year later, Francey is gearing up for an even larger effort: Baptize California, a state-wide initiative that could shatter other historical baptism markers to become the “world’s largest synchronized baptism.”

    ...All of these themes and ideas coalesced into a vision that changed everything for Francey.

    “I had almost like an open vision,” he said, noting the vivid experience from God included worship and very specific details. “I saw boats from guys I knew in our church parked along Pirate’s Cove.”

    ...The Huntington Beach event, which could draw between 10,000 to 25,000 people, will take place on May 18 and 19 and will include evangelistic events, worship, and more. The baptisms will unfold at all locations, with Huntington Beach also hosting them on Sunday, May 19.

    Francey said he’s been blown away by the reaction to Baptize California and is elated for what’s to come. He is specifically excited to see the “hand of God — the fingerprints of God — uniting churches, denominations [that have] never worked together, never really talked together.”

    The preacher said Christians, despite denominational differences, agree on some key elements, and pondered whether these baptisms could help further build a united front.

    “We agree on an empty tomb,” he said. “We agree on a virgin birth, but we agree on this idea that water baptism is good … identifying the death, burial, and resurrection of Jesus Christ.”

    Francey continued, “If it’s unity that God wants, maybe it’s baptism … being the vehicle of what could bring about that unity that God desires.” MORE

  • Creation watch

    Scientists Question Foundational Big Bang Assumption

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    MONDAY, APRIL 22, 2024

    In April 2024, some of the world’s leading cosmologists convened at the Royal Society in London to question the cosmological principle—the assumption that the universe is the same everywhere and in every direction.1,2 This is a highly significant development since the cosmological principle is a foundationalassumption of the Big Bang model for the universe’s origin.

    ...Professor Subir Sarkar, a cosmologist at Oxford University and one of the organizers of the meeting, said, “We are, in cosmology, using a model that was first formulated in 1922....We have great data, but the theoretical basis is past its sell-by date.”2

    This conference follows high-profile articles questioning whether the Big Bang theory is in crisis,7,8 which we have commented upon.9,10

    Clearly, the Big Bang model is in crisis. Yet many Christians embrace it, because it ostensibly “proves” the universe had a beginning, as taught by Genesis. Yet, the Big Bang contradicts Genesis in practically every other way, both in regard to the age of the universe and the sequence in which God brought the heavenly bodies into being. Moreover, Big Bang scientists have long sought ways to “do away” with a beginning of the universe, as the late Stephen Hawking made clear in his book A Brief History of Time.11 It is long overdue for Christians to “wise up” and reject the Big Bang for what it really is: an “argument” and “high thing that exalts itself against the knowledge of God.”12 The Lord Jesus Christ, not a presumed Big Bang, deserves the credit for our universe’s existence.  MORE


These articles focus on current events deemed relevant to the Christian community.  Click on the link to read the story.  Articles are for information only and do not necessarily represent the views of Cornerstone Community Church.


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The Gods Shall Perish

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“Thus shall ye say unto them, The gods that have not made the heavens and the earth, even they shall perish from the earth, and from under these heavens.” (Jeremiah 10:11)

This is a unique verse. Jeremiah, the second-longest book in the Bible, is written in Hebrew except for this one verse! Why would Jeremiah make this remarkable exception here?

This verse was written in Aramaic, which was the official language of the great Babylonian empire—the world’s chief nation at that time. The Babylonians, as prophesied by Jeremiah, were soon to be used as a weapon in God’s hand to punish His chosen people, carrying them into exile and captivity, and the main reason for such punishment was apostasy. God’s people had corrupted the worship of the true Creator God with the teachings and idols of the Babylonians and all the other nations around them who had rejected God.

Jeremiah had repeatedly condemned this apostasy, showing that God’s people were to be punished by the very nations whose religious philosophies had so attracted them.

But those nations needed also to understand that this was not because of their own strength nor the merits of their own gods. Thus, Jeremiah appropriately inserted a special word to be conveyed to the Babylonians in their own official tongue. Only the true God, who made the heavens and the earth, is in control of the heavens and the earth.

The same type of warning, delivered in the “official” language of the modern world (“science?”), is needed even more today than it was in Jeremiah’s day. Today’s “gods”—Marx, Darwin, etc.—are even less deserving of trust than Zeus or Baal, and yet professing Christians have gone after them in droves. It is urgent that we call them back to the true Creator and Savior, Jesus Christ, urging them—before God’s judgment falls once again—to repudiate every vestige of evolutionary humanism. HMM

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