new to cornerstone?

Cornerstone was founded as a place of healing, restoration and salvation.  We are friendly and informal.  We sing hymns old and new that are easy for congregational worship.  Because we operate on 28% of our budget, we are able to give 72% to ministry outside the church.  That's why we are a small church with a BIG impact!

clay stidham

Lead Pastor

Clay Stidham is a graduate of Wheaton College, Wheaton, Illinois, BA ’68. He is a lifelong student of the Bible and Christian history. His profession as a teacher of World History and Culture enables him to weave relevant current events into his messages. 

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What to expect

You can expect to be greeted as a visitor and given a gift bag. A visitor's card will be available for your contact information should you turn it in.  We have a connection team who will respond.  You can also submit a prayer request for our prayer team. Everything is on the table by the door as you enter.

bible based

We encourage daily prayer and Bible study.  We come together to share what we are learning.  Expect the message from the pulpit to be rich in scripture with reference to current concerns in our lives.

spirit led

We operate in all the gifts of the Spirit and seek to produce all the fruits of the Spirit in our lives. You should expect a service that is orderly but powerful as the Holy Spirit ministers to all who are present.


All ages need fellowship.   All Ages Church is designed for children, youth and adults to worship and learn together.  A blue basket on the back counter contains children's bulletins and treats.


Pastor Clay Stidham has written a large number of original hymns that are part of our songbook.

Our worship team focuses on congregational friendly songs so everyone can sing. Expect to hear hymns old and new.

Service Information

We meet at the Hampton Inn Conference Room.  You will see a sandwich sign to indicate the meeting.  Park in the Hampton lot and enter through the front door.  Go straight past the desk and elevator to the doors ahead.

Service Times
9 am - Music and Prayer with the Worship Team

10 am - The Impact Hour Bible Study on topics of current interest

11 am - All Ages Worship and Morning Message from Pastor Stidham