Sunday, June 4

regular services meet at 10 and 11 am and will be livestreamed from the hampton Inn

The Holy Spirit in You continues today at 10 am Impact Hour.  Books are free (donation $11) and are available at today's service. 

Today we honor Graduate Thomas Parada

The audio stream on will not be available during the month of June due to technical difficulties.  Please go to Facebook Live for the livestream or to the on demand pages under messages for audio and podcasts.  Thank you

Give to Cornerstone Community Church

Giving is a part of our worship to God. It has been said that you can tell nearly everything about a person by the way they spend their money. Whether you are tithing in obedience to Malachi 3:10 or contributing over and above your tithe as an act of sacrificial generosity, your money will help us minister God’s hope and healing to our community and beyond. We give in order to be blessed, not for fear of anything negative in our lives. We give out of gratitude and love! You can give your gift safely and securely online - this is one of the easiest ways to give to our church.  Cornerstone spends 64% on ministry outside the church.  Church operations use 36% of the budget.   That's why we can be a small church with a BIG impact.

Thank you.

Upcoming Events

Hang tight while we look up scheduled events...


Opportunities available in pastoring as well as children's church and youth, radio and audio/video production.  We are all volunteers so families and jobs retain a primary role in our lives.  You can become part of a small church with a big impact and experience something a little different. 

Live Free in 2023!

"Where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is liberty"
2 Corinthians 3:17