christmas party

December 12, 2022

11 am at Monica's in show low

Winter weather advisory.  Call Nancy at 928-242-8591 with any concerns.

Monday marys orientation

FebruaRY 13, 2023 spring Semester

10 am at the cornerstone office

  1. Welcome and opening prayer:  Judy Cole
  2. Worship music:  Pam Gilman
  3. Hand out folders and books:  Julia Rowe
  4. Guidelines:  Jeannine Ebert
  5. Faith Statement:  Laura Hughes
  6. Class schedule:  Nancy Stidham
  7. Sign up calendar for discussion leaders:  Nancy Stidham
  8. Closing prayer and blessing:  Laura Hughes

Lunch served compliments of your leadership team:

Judy Cole:  lasagna

Jeannine Ebert: dessert, garlic bread

Pam Gilman: dessert

Laura Hughes: fruit dip

Julia Rowe: cheese and crackers

Nancy Stidham: salad and dressing

Leadership planning meeting

Tuesday, october 18, 11 am at the office


October 18, 2022

11 am at the Office

Welcome and opening prayer

The guidelines and faith statement

The 2023 curriculum

The orientation and fellowship meetings

The calendar for 2023

For the good of the order

under consideration

These are nominations for classes being reviewed by the Leadership Team.  For more information, click on the links.