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These articles focus on specific concerns deemed relevant to the Christian community.  We are observing the dividing lines between church and state. Click on the photo to read the story.  Articles are for information only and do not necessarily represent the views of Cornerstone Community Church.

  • persecution watch

    JUST IN: Gov Hochul orders World Trade Center, NY landmarks lit up in trans flag colors on Easter Sunday

    Sara Higdon

    "Today we celebrate Transgender Day of Visibility by acknowledging the contributions that members of the transgender community." 

    On Saturday, New York Governor Kathy Hochul declared March 31, 2024, Transgender Day of Visibility, and announced that state landmarks would be lit up with pink, white, and light blue lights.

    In a statement, Hochul said, "Today we celebrate Transgender Day of Visibility by acknowledging the contributions that members of the transgender community have made in New York State and across the country."

    “I am proud of the strength transgender New Yorkers display every day and want to make one thing clear: you are always welcome in New York. You are loved," she added.

    The landmarks that are to be lit up include One World Trade Center, the Kosciuszko Bridge, The H. Carl McCall SUNY Building, the State Education Building, the Empire State Plaza, Niagra Falls, and others.

    In the proclamation, the governor proclaimed the state would stand up for the rights, visibility, and safety of New Yorkers and strengthen measures to protect the "transgender, gender non-conforming, and non-binary (TGNCNB) community.
    This comes as President Biden has taken heat for recognizing "Trans Day of Visibility" while simultaneously banning all displays of religious symbols at its Easter celebration the same day. MORE

  • culture watch

    Report: Poll Finds Almost 70 Percent Believe Jesus Christ Physically Rose from the Dead

    Amy Furr

    A recent poll reportedly found that a large percentage of registered voters believe that Jesus Christ physically rose from the dead.

    The news comes as Easter approaches.

    The Daily Signal, citing a Scott Rasmussen National Survey poll, reportedThursday that almost 70 percent of registered voters believe in Jesus’ bodily resurrection, while over 70 percent say they will be celebrating Easter on Sunday.

    The outlet said the survey was conducted on March 20 and 21 with 1,000 registered voters.

    The article also said:

    Respondents were asked whether a series of statements were true or false. They were asked to evaluate whether “the man known to history as Jesus Christ actually existed and walked the earth,” or not.

    By a margin of 83% to 5%, voters said they believe that Jesus Christ did in fact exist and walked the earth.

    The margin of error for the survey was plus or minus 3.1 percentage points, according to Rasmussen.

    Meanwhile, a Pew Research Center report said a record high number of Americans say the role of religion in public life is waning and many believe it is a negative thing for people across the nation, according to a Breitbart News article published March 19.

    “According to the survey, 57 percent of Americans believe religion plays a positive role in public life, while only 19 percent have a negative view of the role of religion,” Breitbart News’s Thomas D. Williams reported.

    In 2023, a WSJ/NORC poll found that the happiest people residing in the United States place greater value on religious belief than those who are unhappy in life, per Breitbart News:

    The highest correlation for people saying they are “very happy” is belief in God, with 68 percent of this group declaring belief in God to be “very important” to them. By contrast, among those who are not happy, fewer than half (42 percent) say faith in God is very important to them.

    Along with belief in God, the “very happy” overwhelmingly value strong relationships, and about 67 percent say marriage is very important to them, independent of their own marital status, compared with 43 percent of respondents overall.

    According to an Associated Press-NORC Center for Public Affairs Research pollfrom July, Americans are a people who have faith and believe in heaven, angels, prayer, and a higher guiding force, Breitbart News reported. MORE

  • revival watch

    'It Happened Again!' Hundreds Baptized in Latest Campus Revival, Now at University of Alabama

    A new sign of the ongoing revival among America's young people is being reported out of Alabama. In the latest example of this supernatural move of God, hundreds of students at the University of Alabama gave their lives to Christ and were immediately baptized in a fountain.

    "It happened again!" Christian author and speaker Jennie Allen announced on Instagram after the amazing event unfolded on Wednesday night.

    "Last night at the University of Alabama thousands of students gathered. Hundreds responded to the gospel and hundreds were baptized," Allen shared.

    In the video, as a young woman named Macy prepares to be submerged in the fountain, she declares, "I'm just ready to be a child of God" as the crowd cheers to celebrate her new decision to follow Christ.

    The spiritual awakening that first captured headlines at Asbury College more than a year ago is still spreading nationwide. 

    This Alabama awakening is just the latest move of God that Jennie Allen has witnessed as she has traveled to minister on college campuses. 

    In a post several weeks ago after a similar outpouring of revival at Florida State University, Allen said on Instagram, "Hundreds of students came forward to trust Jesus. We can't explain what's happening apart from the Spirit."

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    ***'Revival Is Here': Thousands Turn to Jesus at #2 US Party School FSU, Hundreds Get Baptized in Fountain

    One student at FSU also pointed out that these new believers in Christ are being connected with local churches so they can continue their journey with Jesus. "Hello! I was one of the students there last night! One thing I thought was BEAUTIFUL about Unite was the emphasis on FINDING A CHURCH HOME! They had tables outside with college groups from many local churches and asked everyone to fill out information to get connected! We want these souls on fire to get plugged in," the student explained. 

    Allen also helped hundreds of young people get spontaneously baptized at Auburn University last fall and then again at FSU in February — something she recently spoke about with CBN News.  MORE

    Click below to learn more:

    ***Jennie Allen Reveals 'Wild' Revival Moments, Powerful Mass Baptism, Helping 'Stuck' Young People

    ***'They Wanted Jesus... It Was so Sincere': Author Jennie Allen Shares About Mass Baptism at Auburn


These articles focus on current events deemed relevant to the Christian community.  Click on the link to read the story.  Articles are for information only and do not necessarily represent the views of Cornerstone Community Church.


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Where Is Jesus Now?



“Wherefore if they shall say unto you, Behold, he is in the desert; go not forth: behold, he is in the secret chambers; believe it not.” (Matthew 24:26)

The above warning was given by Christ in His famous Olivet discourse about His future second coming, right after He had predicted that many “false Christs” would first come, deceiving many (v. 24). That prediction has been fulfilled many times during the following centuries, but He Himself has not yet returned, in spite of the claims of these latter days.

However, His present location is no secret. After His resurrection and final instructions to His disciples, “he was received up into heaven, and sat on the right hand of God” (Mark 16:19). We must remember that He arose bodily from the grave, then ascended bodily to God’s throne, and that “this same Jesus, which is taken up from you into heaven” (Acts 1:11) will return. Until He returns, therefore, He is seated bodily at the right hand of the presence of the triune God in heaven. In fact, there are no less than 21 references in the Bible to the Lord Jesus now being at the right hand of God.

It is not strictly correct to say or sing that Jesus can come into our hearts unless it is clearly understood that He is there symbolically in the presence of the indwelling Spirit of Christ. In this way, “God hath sent forth the Spirit of his Son into your hearts” (Galatians 4:6) so that “Christ may dwell in your hearts by faith” (Ephesians 3:17).

In the physical sense, however, the Lord Jesus Christ, still in His physical but now immortal body, is at “the right hand of the Majesty on high” (Hebrews 1:3) and will remain there until He returns physically back to fulfill all the remaining promises in the Scriptures and to establish the kingdom for which He created us. HMM

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Truth Springs Forth from the Earth

Luke 24:6-7

John 1:1-14, 17:14-17, 18:33-38, 14:3-6

Psalm 85:11

John 20:1-18

1 Peter 3:19

Colossians 2:15

John 8:32

Romans 8:2

John 21:24

2 Corinthians 5:21

Isaiah 53:6

John 3:3