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dealing with division

These articles focus on specific concerns deemed relevant to the Christian community.  We are observing the dividing lines between church and state. Click on the photo to read the story.  Articles are for information only and do not necessarily represent the views of Cornerstone Community Church.

  • persecution watch

    Ex-North Korean Military Official Endures Many Harrowing Escapes, Finds Christ in China

    Human rights groups say 36,000 North Koreans defected to South Korea in the last two decades, including Mrs. Son, a former official of the North Korean military. During the great North Korea starvation in 1998, Mrs. Son served in the military, as caretaker of supplies and later as a broadcaster of the Juche, North Korea's propaganda outlet.
    She told CBN News, "My father was the provincial governor and bribed the military officer with a pig so I could get in because it was a way we can get food rations and not starve like the rest of the country. But things got bad when my father lost the elections. He became very sick and died. My brother was detained and died of starvation in prison."
    In order to survive, Mrs. Son and her mother escaped to China.
    "We swam across the Tuman River for two days and bribed the North Korean soldiers and brokers in China. There we found a Christian church who helped us," Mrs. Son said. 
    After a few months, Chinese police began to trail them. Mrs. Son shared her harrowing experience. 

    "My mom noticed the police. She told me to jump out of the van when it stopped. I took off my clothes and shoes and gave to my mom because it was winter time and she needed to be warm. With only my underwear on, I jumped out of the van and 8 Chinese police chased me. I was already a Christian but not deep. But I knew it was God who protected me and instructed me to hide and hold onto the under bars of a truck. I got away but my mom was taken back to North Korea. I went back to try to find her only to find out that she suffered and died in prison because she did not deny her Christian faith."
    Mrs. Son eventually returned to China where she married a Chinese Christian. Several months later, she was re-captured though this time her husband gave her money to help her escape.
    "Right before I was transferred to North Korea, I put all the money, the paper bills in plastic bags and swallowed them so that the soldiers will not see them.  A week later, I got them all out. I used this to bribe the soldiers and brokers to go back to China."
    After yet another arrest, Mrs. Son spent 400 days in a North Korean prison under inhumane conditions where once again, she experienced God's help.
    "The guard was my friend and he gave me rice. But it was the worse because I had to eat insects to survive. After 400 days, I was released… malnourished and could barely walk. This was when my husband used his Chinese citizenship to get me to South Korea," Mrs. Son recounted. 
    Once in South Korea, Mrs. Son joined the Seopyoung Church where she grew in her Christian faith. She realized how God saved her miraculously each time she was arrested. 

    The name of the church, "Seopyoung" stands for Seoul, the capital of South Korea and Pyongyang, the capital of North Korea. Most of its members are North Koreans whom they help settle in South Korea. The church envisions a unified North and South Korea by spreading the gospel in North Korea.
    Rev. Chun Myeong Guen, head pastor of Seopyoung Church, said, "It is impossible for North and South Korea to reunite politically because of different cultures and backgrounds. Therefore, reunification can only happen through faith because there will be no misunderstanding of each other. Only faith can make us reunite overnight."

    "During the starvation, many North Korean defectors escaped to China. Many believed Jesus, received Christian education in other countries and became missionaries in North Korea where there are now about 600,000 Christians in underground churches," he reports. "Many Christians in South Korea who are praying for reunification believe it will happen in 5 years. It is like a ticking bomb."
    North Korean Christians like Mrs. Son can help make this happen.
    "I want to thank my Mom and be like her. She gave her life for her Christian faith. I am also dedicating my life to serve Jesus Christ and spread the gospel and worship Him until I die," Mrs. Son said.


  • culture watch

    'The Wait Is Finally Over': Here's How You Can Stream 'The Chosen' Season 4

    Fans of “The Chosen” are sure to rejoice after the team behind the wildly popular TV drama about Jesus and his disciples announced season four will be available for streaming June 2.

    Listen to the latest episode of the “Quick Start” Podcast

    “As always, each episode will launch with global livestreams on social media and The Chosen app,” a press release reads. “Following each livestream, season four episodes will be available exclusively in The Chosen app before coming to other viewing platforms later this year.”

    The episodes will be released weekly beginning Sunday, June 2. Over the course of four weeks, they will be unveiled on Thursdays and Sundays.


  • revival watch

    'The Netherlands Full of Jesus': Dutch Pentecost Conference Sees 63K Participants Glorify God

    The month of May brought some amazing examples of the power of God on display around the world from multiple massive baptisms in California, Florida, and Texas to a huge march for Jesus in Paris, France. But there's one example we missed, until now – a stunningly huge gathering for Christ in the Netherlands.

    Missiologists have long considered Europe to be post-Christian, and the Netherlands is seen as a major example of that as the Dutch country has embraced atheism, legalized drugs, and publicly glorified prostitution. 

    But roughly 60,000 Christians, a stunning number for any European country, showed up less than two weeks ago in the Netherlands to publicly praise the name of Jesus at the 54th annual Opwekking Pentecost Conference on the grounds of Walibi Holland.

    ...The Netherlands is one of the very few countries in the world whose majority is mostly irreligious, meaning atheism, agnosticism, and other forms of irreligion.According to the Netherlands Institute for Social Research, more than half of the Dutch identify as atheist or agnostic. A 2018 survey reveals that 69% of the population have never attended a church service and 29% of people considered themselves atheists.

    ...These statistics are something Opwekking General Director Ruben Flach has been working to change for the last ten years.

    In his farewell message at the Opwekking, he encouraged attendees to embrace the conference's theme of "Closer" by passionately pursuing God. 

    "The effect of the coming of the Holy Spirit is more powerful than miracles and signs: it causes people to go into the world to bring the gospel," he shared. 


  • prophecy watch

    Israel Finds 80 Tunnels Between Gaza-Egypt; Norwegian Christians Repent for Oslo's Anti-Israel Stance

    JERUSALEM, Israel – The Israeli Defense Forces say they've completed their operation in Jabilia after twenty days of fighting. They also announced they have discovered more than 80 terror tunnels leading from Rafah to Egypt.

    The military operation in Rafah continues, as Israel wages battles in other parts of Gaza and along the Egyptian border.

    Despite the recent advances in the Philadelphi Corridor, the fate of the remaining hostages looks grim.

    ...In a sign that support for Hamas is waning inside Gaza, Israel's Channel 11 reported that many Gazans are angry at Hamas leaders. 

    The report concludes that top Hamas officials fear internal dissent more than Israel's military. 

    In one clip of the report, a Gazan exclaims, "(Hamas Gaza Chief Yahya) Sinwar, you are killing your own people!  It is you who are killing them, Sinwar!  Not the Israeli army, it is you who is killing us!”

    The report claims Hamas terrorizes its own people to maintain its hold on power.

    ...Earlier this week, Norway recognized a Palestinian state, and several Christian leaders from Norway came to the Jerusalem Prayer Breakfast to say they don't support their government's decision.   

    “Our message really was a message of repentance," Stephan Christiansen told CBN News. "We've come to say, forgive us. We love Israel and the irony of it all is that there might not be any nation in Europe – I don't know exactly, but that has got close to one percent of its population – that are members of a pro-Israel organization of some sort  So, in the spirit of God, we are renouncing our government's decisions and we pray for a reversal. And we pray that our nation once again will be a blessing for Israel."

    Four hundred evangelical leaders from 40 nations gathered at the Jerusalem Prayer Breakfast to pray for the peace of Jerusalem and show their support for the Jewish people at this time of national crisis.  MORE

  • creation watch

    Evolutionists theorize that the universe came into being through random means. Fundamentally, randomness lacks symmetry since the very concept of symmetry implies order. Randomness also lacks periodicity, such as events occurring in a cycle or objects in a repeating sequence. Quite simply, randomness lacks any evidence of design. Nature, however, does not display randomness.1 In fact, it exhibits quite the opposite.

    In the twelfth century, Italian mathematician Leonardo Fibonacci discovered a fascinating number sequence in which each number is the sum of the previous two numbers (1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21, 34…). This sequence is revealed in many profound ways across the natural realm.

    For instance, in geometry a “golden rectangle” is a rectangle whose side lengths are represented by the “golden ratio,” which is derived from the Fibonacci sequence.2 Needless to say, this rectangle has some interesting mathematical properties that are also pleasing to the human eye. As such, it can be seen in historical structures like the Parthenon, the Great Pyramid of Giza, and the United Nations building. It’s also used for credit cards, playing cards, and even the light switch in your bedroom. Additionally, many artists utilize the golden rectangle to give their art a quality called dynamic symmetry, which adds elements of growth, movement, power, animation, and life.

    The golden rectangle taken one step further produces the “golden spiral,” a logarithmic spiral whose growth component reflects the golden ratio.2 It’s the only spiral that does not change shape as it grows. This spiral is well-represented in nature via the chambered nautilus shell, a hurricane spiral, a ram’s horn, the tail of a seahorse, the DNA molecule, galaxies, and the cochlea of the human ear, to name a few examples.

    In botany, phyllotaxis is the arrangement of leaves on a plant stem. The rotational angle from leaf to leaf represents a fraction of a full rotation around the stem. Alternating elm leaves, for instance, have an angle of 1/2 of a full rotation. In beech and hazel, the angle is 1/3; in oak and apricot, 2/5; in sunflower, poplar, and pear, 3/8; and in willow and almond, 5/13.3,4 As demonstrated, each numerator and denominator consists of a Fibonacci number and its successor.5In fact, you’ll never find a leaf arrangement that does not reflect the Fibonacci sequence—this specific configuration maximizes the leaves’ exposure to sunlight and air without shading from the others.

    So, why is the Fibonacci sequence exhibited in phyllotaxis, the rotation of our galaxy, the DNA in our cells, and countless other places? It’s because the same Designer created them all in perfect unison and harmony. As Jeremiah 32:17 proclaims, “Ah, Lord GOD! Behold, You have made the heavens and the earth by Your great power and outstretched arm. There is nothing too hard for You.”



These articles focus on current events deemed relevant to the Christian community.  Click on the link to read the story.  Articles are for information only and do not necessarily represent the views of Cornerstone Community Church.


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The Christian Rest

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“There remaineth therefore a rest to the people of God. For he that is entered into his rest, he also hath ceased from his own works, as God did from his.” (Hebrews 4:9-10)

This is an important New Testament affirmation that God’s work of creation was “finished from the foundation of the world” (Hebrews 4:3). The reference is to Genesis 2:1-3, where the writer has told us that God had “rested from all his work which God created and made,” thus completely denying the contention of theistic evolutionists that the processes of “creation” (that is, evolution) are still going on.

In addition, it makes a significant comparison between the believer’s rest and God’s rest. The word “rest” here is not the usual word for “rest” and is used only this once in the New Testament. It means, literally, “sabbath rest” or “keeping of the Sabbath.” In the context of chapters 2 and 3 of Hebrews, the concept of rest is being expounded with several meanings. The original warning was in Psalm 95:11, where it referred both to the Israelites entering into the promised land under Joshua and to God’s own rest after His work of creation. Psalm 95 is repeatedly quoted in Hebrews, where other meanings are also implied: the keeping of a weekly Sabbath in commemoration of God’s rest after creation; the promised future rest to the world and its believing inhabitants—possibly in the millennium but certainly in the new earth; and the believer’s present spiritual rest after he puts his faith in Christ, no longer trusting in his works for salvation.

With such a rich investiture of meaning in the fact of God’s past rest and the promise of our future rest, it is appropriate that there should be a perpetual weekly commemoration and expression of faith in that rest in every generation until its ultimate fulfillment in the eternal rest in the New Jerusalem.

In the meantime, we are urged to “labour” to “enter into that rest” (Hebrews 4:11). HMM

morning message

promises part 6:  god will deal with the wicked

2 Peter 1:4

Psalm 94:20,23

Acts 6:7-15, 7:1, 54-58

Galatians 6:7

Proverbs 29:2,16

Deuteronomy 7:10

Isaiah 1:24

Philippians 1:28, 3:20

2 Thessalonians 2:8