Bible returns to sender

Posted on May 2, 2015.

Clay and I hosted teens in our home Bible study on Monday evenings for nearly 20 years.  We gave them Bibles inscribed to them personally so that we could all use the same version.


A lady new to Cornerstone came to Monday Marys Bible Study recently and showed me her Bible.  Inside the front cover was an inscription to a student member of our home group from October 1998.  She said that she had purchased the Bible at a thrift store and gave it to her son when he went to college.  When he graduated, he returned it to her because he knew she loved it, and got his own Bible.  


She had not noticed the inscription until recently when she realized that it was signed by the pastor of her new church.  She was very eager to show it to me.  I was blessed and reminded of the fact that God’s Word never returns to Him void, but it accomplishes all of His purpose.