I-Teen News

November 4

On October 14 we disguised some Biblical stories as ethical dilemmas and asked students to come up with an answer for each. Then we looked at the actual Scriptures and tried to figure out what the right thing to do was.

This week we’re going to do something similar, but with a spin. Instead of Bible stories, we’re going to throw out some real-life situations that teens face each day (or may face someday) and try to make Biblical decisions for each.

The Teen Life Application Study Bible NLT

Your teen will be given a new Bible inscribed by Pastor Stidham.  I encourage parents to explore this Bible with the teens.  We encourage bringing Bibles to church every Sunday but there will also be some paperback copies available in class for those who do not bring their personal Bibles.

Fellowship Pot Luck Sundays

Your teen is being encouraged to attend and take brief notes on the sermon.  A note sheet will be included in the bulletin.  On this Sunday we encourage parents to take notes also and discuss them with their teens.  The goal of Fellowship Sunday is to include all ages in corporate worship and strengthen regular church attendence in the lives of our youth.

Young Life Winter Camp is November 9-11