old Children's Church

Our Mission

is to foster biblical literacy and a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.








Active Learning Groups

  Building Blocks


  • Nursery to age 2









  • Pre-K:  ages 3-5












  • Elementary:  ages 6-9, grades 1-4









  • Intermediate:  ages 10-13, grades 5-8











   Mountain Movers


  • Youth: ages 14-18, grades 9-12












  • Follow Directions
  • Use indoor voice
  • Hands off, shoes on
  • Stay in seat
  • Wait for dismissal



  • Reminder
  • Time Out
  • Removal to Parent/Guardian



  1. Guests - please sign in your child the first time you attend.  Register your child as soon as possible.
  2. Parents, you may be called upon during the service if assistance is needed in care for your child.
  3. Sick children should not be brought to Children’s Church.
  4. Nursery services are provided during 11 am service after worship portion of the service has concluded.



  • Spring
  • Christmas

 All programs are presented in the 11am Sunday morning service.  Pizza party for children follows the program.