November 11 bulletin

"Immanuel:  God is With Us!"

9:00 am—Music and Prayer with Worship Team


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Worship Hour streams live at 11:00 am

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10:00 am—Impact Hour:  Del Lewis

"When Forgiveness Doesn't Make Sense" 1


11:00 am—Worship for all ages

Open communion served


11:30 am

Children's Church and Nursery meet in Creekview Room

I-Teen meets in breakfast area

Morning Message:  Pastor Clay Stidham


“Not a Few”

Isaiah 41:10

Exodus 4:1-5; 7:15-19; 17:8-13

Joshua 8:18-26

2 Kings 4:1-7

2 Kings 13:14-21

2 Timothy 2:1-15


12:15 pm—Commitment and Dismissal

1:00 pmPrayer at the Office



October 15—Monday Marys 10 am at Office

October 19—Bible study at Arnie’s 7 pm

October 23—Young Life Prayer meeting 6 pm at Office

October 24—Men’s Bible Study 7 pm at Office

October 27—Women’s Tea Team meeting at Office 10 am


In the News


Her son survived Las Vegas, but died in Thousand Oaks. Now she wants gun control.

Susan Orfanos also said her son, Telemachus Orfanos, survived the Las Vegas mass shooting last year.

"My son was in Las Vegas with a lot of his friends and he came home. He didn't come home last night and I don't want prayers. I don't want thoughts. I want gun control, and I hope to God nobody sends me anymore prayers. I want gun control. No more guns," she said.

Orfanos was one of 12 people killed while attending a college night event at the Borderline Bar and Grill on Wednesday night.


Word for Worship

He Shall Speak Peace

“And I will cut off the chariot from Ephraim, and the horse from Jerusalem, and the battle bow shall be cut off: and he shall speak peace unto the heathen: and his dominion shall be from sea even to sea, and from the river even to the ends of the earth.” (Zechariah 9:10

This wonderful prophecy follows immediately after the verse predicting the coming of the Messiah into Jerusalem riding upon a lowly donkey’s colt (v. 9). That prediction was fulfilled by Jesus as He came into Jerusalem on that last Sunday before His death and resurrection (Matthew 21:4-5), but the prophecy in our text was certainly not fulfilled at that time. There have been wars somewhere in the world practically every year since Jesus came. Nevertheless, the day will come when He shall indeed speak peace to all the nations.

Early in the last century the nations had fought a great war that was supposed to end all wars. They celebrated the armistice that ended that war on November 11, 1918, and established an annual holiday called Armistice Day. But many other wars followed that war, so the name was changed to honor the veterans who had fought in any of those later wars as well. However, there is still no real peace in the world.

The fact is that there can be no lasting peace between men and other men until there is peace between men and God. Only the Lord Jesus Christ can make such a peace, for He alone is the “Prince of Peace” (Isaiah 9:6). Indeed, He has already paid the price to make such true and eternal peace, for He “made peace through the blood of his cross, by him to reconcile all things unto himself” (Colossians 1:20).

In that great coming day when He returns to Earth to establish His kingdom, “he maketh wars to cease unto the end of the earth” (Psalm 46:9), “and the LORD alone shall be exalted in that day” (Isaiah 2:17). HMM


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