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Romans 12:1-2

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University Takes A Stand Against Protesters And Conservatives LOVE It


The University of Wisconsin is fighting back against those who protest conservative speakers on their campus by implementing a new policy which will discipline students for engaging in violence or disruption.

Per AP News:

University of Wisconsin System leaders approved a policy Friday that calls for suspending and expelling students who disrupt campus speeches and presentations, saying students need to listen to all sides of issues and arguments.

The Board of Regents adopted the language on a voice vote during a meeting at the University of Wisconsin-Stout in Menomonie. The policy states that students found to have twice engaged in violence or other disorderly conduct that disrupts others’ free speech would be suspended. Students found to have disrupted others’ free expression three times would be expelled.

The new policy is an effort by the university to teach their students “civil discourse”:


Conservative speakers across the country have been forced to cancel speaking arrangements due to the expectation of violent protests, or were met with protests during their visit:

The policy comes amid complaints from conservatives across the U.S. that right-leaning speakers aren’t afforded the same level of respect on campuses as liberal presenters. Students at the University of Wisconsin-Madison in 2016 shouted down and traded obscene gestures with ex-Breitbart editor and conservative columnist Ben Shapiro.

The University of California-Berkeley canceled an appearance by right-wing firebrand Milo Yiannopoulus in September. Four protests have turned violent on that campus and in the nearby city in recent months.

Democrat legislators are contesting the new policies, saying they do the opposite of their intended goals:

Evers, a Democrat running against Walker in next year’s gubernatorial election, cast the only dissenting vote. He accused the regents of sacrificing free speech to curry favor with Republican lawmakers.

“This policy will chill and suppress free speech on this campus and all campuses,” Evers said.

Other Democratic opponents charge that the policy doesn’t clearly define what type of conduct is considered disruptive.

“Who’s going to show up to a protest if they think they could be potentially expelled?” Democratic state Rep. Chris Taylor, whose district includes the flagship Madison campus, said during a Thursday news conference on the policy.

A senior at the university, Savion Castro, accused the regents of “capitulating to a band of right-wing extremists.”

“The First Amendment is supposed to be messy and contentious and allow contentious debate,” Castro said during the news conference. “The whole point of protest is to disrupt the status quo and make people uncomfortable.”


ICC Helps Bring the Gospel to North Korea

By Linda Jones

10/12/2017 Washington, DC (International Christian Concern) - It is well known that Christians in North Korea are among the most persecuted Christians in the world. The ruling Kim dynasty for the last three generations has been a dictatorship that continues to strip North Koreans of their basic rights, including freedom. The regime has been harsh on Christians by taking away their religious freedom and torturing them because of their faith. Christians in North Korea are also considered a cancer to their revolution and thus taken to concentration camps to be executed.

In addition to the extreme measures to maintain control, the regime has also blocked all means of communication to and from the outside world. If anyone violates this rule, they are publicly executed or sent to labor camps to work and starve until they die. Unfortunately, the regime not only uses fear to make people follow the rules, but also indoctrinates citizens through the school system. The government has brainwashed at least 20 million people into worshipping the Kim family and considering them to be higher than God. Citizens are bombarded with propaganda 24/7 and they have become mental and physical slaves to the dictator. Most are not allowed or able to think on their own anymore and they take everything the government tells them at face value.

“I always thought that God was a hypocrite, not real.  I was taught God was bad and evil.  Now I know that the bad guy hypocrite is Kim Jong Un,” said one North Korean defector.

Despite all the suffering and indoctrination, many defectors have been able to escape and settle in South Korea. These former victims still remember the pain they had to endure as Christians living in North Korea and the lies that people accept from the government. Therefore, a group of Christian defectors in South Korea has decided to share the truth with their brothers and sisters in North Korea by sharing the Gospel and giving them an opportunity to seek freedom.

“We were taught that S. Korea was an American colony ruled by the Yankees.  We found out from the leaflets that S. Korea is a free country of democracy, and 11th economy in the world, one of the most prosperous nations in Asia,” shared another defector.

Thanks to the support of our donors, International Christian Concern (ICC) partnered with this group of North Korea defectors, led by Mr. Park Sang Hak in South Korea, to implement a project that will bring the Gospel into North Korea. The project consists of sending balloons with Gospel materials over the border into North Korea. Plastic bags are filled with a pamphlet sharing the Gospel, USBs, DVDs, pocket radios, $1 bills, and more. When the timing and the wind is favorable from the south to the north, they try to send the balloons as often as they can.

There are approximately 30,000+ defectors living in South Korea and thousands of them have testified that they got the leaflets and the $1 bills with the rest of the materials before escaping North Korea.

“We began to doubt Kim Jong Un.  We wanted to believe in God.  We wanted to come to the free S. Korea.  We risked our lives to escape to S. Korea.  The balloons and leaflets showed us the truth.”

After reading the Gospel and the other material, they realized that the Kim dynasty had been lying to them all these years about God and the outside world. Many of these same defectors agreed that sending balloons was a peaceful and successful way to let North Koreans know the truth and expose the false propaganda pushed by the government.

Even though this project has been successful, there is still a lot to do to reach the people in North Korea. We must continue to pray for God’s mercy so that the people of North Korea can finally be free from the dictatorship and the lies. Pray that God will open up the hearts of North Koreans so that they can accept the gift of salvation, but also for their restoration.


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Trilobites Can't Stomach Darwinism 

Trilobites were fascinating invertebrates that inhabited pre-Flood ocean bottoms. They were fossilized when “primitive” life supposedly was just getting started, but the complexity of these animals is unparalleled. New trilobite anatomical discoveries contradict previous evolutionary beliefs about their digestive systems.1

New trilobite anatomical discoveries contradict previous evolutionary beliefs. Tweet: New trilobite anatomical discoveries contradict previous evolutionary beliefs. https://www.icr.org/article/10245/ @icrscience

According to evolution theory, trilobites appeared fully formed about 540 million years ago in a period called the Early Cambrian. There are about 56 families of these extinct creatures. Not only did they come in a wide variety of sizes, they also had three kinds of extremely complex eyes. God designed the material of the upper lenses to be made of calcite—an excellent material for a creature’s visual system in a watery environment. But optical physics states that the refractive index of this material differs significantly, causing a detrimental condition called birefringence.

The birefringence can be avoided, however, if the crystal is oriented so that the light is moving parallel to its principal optic axis. And this is precisely the orientation observed in trilobite lenses.3

As predicted by creationists, trilobites have no evolutionary ancestors—no such transitional fossils have ever been found.2    

As predicted by creationists, trilobites have no evolutionary ancestors. Tweet: As predicted by creationists, trilobites have no evolutionary ancestors. https://www.icr.org/article/10245/ @icrscience

Recently, paleontological research unearthed more trilobite complexity: a unique digestive anatomy found in some 270 specimens in the Wulongqing Formation (Guanshan Biota) in China. Some of these fossils “contradict previous assumptions about trilobite digestive systems.” 1

Prior to this discovery, the conventional understanding of trilobite digestive anatomy was fairly straightforward. There were two different types: one was a tube running down the inside of the body with digestive glands branching off, and the second, an expanded stomach termed a crop going into a tube with no lateral glands. Evolutionists felt the first type evolved first in the supposed “earliest trilobites” with the second type evolving some time later.

Based on this, paleontologists had proposed that the evolution of the crop came later in trilobite evolutionary history and represented a distinct type of digestive system.1

But since evolution is not true, creationists see these as basic variation in digestive system morphology. Indeed, this recent discovery in China showed a single specimen having both digestive glands and a crop “suggesting that the evolution of trilobite digestive systems is more complex than originally proposed.”1

The evidence is clear: Trilobites have always been trilobites. Tweet: The evidence is clear: Trilobites have always been trilobites. https://www.icr.org/article/10245/ @icrscience

Dr. Melanie Hopkins of the American Museum of Natural History stated,

This is a very rigorous study based on multiple specimens, and it shows that we should start thinking about this aspect of trilobite biology and evolution in a different way.1

Non-Darwinists heartily agree and suggest ignoring the strange and unscientific fish-to-philosopher idea and rather think of trilobite biology in terms of plan, purpose, and special creation. The evidence is clear: Trilobites have always been trilobites.


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*Frank Sherwin is Research Associate, Senior Lecturer, and Science Writer at the Institute for Creation Research.

Article posted on October 5, 2017.

In 1859, Darwin speculated that bears evolved into whales. But does this story hold water?

Image source is NOAA.GOV