September 9

"Immanuel:  God is With Us!"

9:00 am—Music and Prayer with Worship Team


Impact Hour streams live at 10 am

Sermon streams live at about 11:45 am

Click on “Livestream” or "Listen Live" at

Recordings are also available


10:00 am—Impact Hour:  Tom Szabo

"The Search for the 12 Apostles" session 5


11:00 am—Worship for all ages


11:30 am

Children's Church and Nursery meet in Creekview Room

I-Teen meets in breakfast area

Morning Message:  Tom Szabo


“Hospital for Sinners"


12:15 pm—Commitment and Dismissal






August 31-September 14—Friday prayer group will not meet

Pot Luck will be at the Hampton on 3rd Sunday and Communion will be 4th Sunday this month 


September 10—Monday Marys Orientation 10 am at Office

September 12—Men’s Bible Study 7 pm at Office

September 14-15—Mountain Men’s Summit

September 16—Pot Luck at Hampton follows service

September 23—Communion

September 26—Men’s Bible Study 7 pm at Office

September 29—Women’s Christmas Tea Warm Up 10 am at the Office



Word for Worship

Make It as Sure as You Can


“Pilate said unto them, Ye have a watch: go your way, make it as sure as ye can. So they went, and made the sepulchre sure, sealing the stone, and setting a watch.” (Matthew 27:65-66)

Pilate had endured many strange experiences leading up to the crucifixion of Christ. Both he and some close to him (v. 19) had wanted to release Him, finding no fault in Him (v. 23). But, for political expediency, willing to pacify the Jewish leaders and quell a potential riot, Pilate had agreed to the execution. But once Christ was dead and in the grave, Pilate’s troubles did not end.

Perhaps we are justified in reading a tone of sarcasm and impatience in Pilate’s words “make it as sure as you can.” What is there to fear from a dead man? Guard the tomb if you want. But just perhaps Pilate was hounded by unexplained doubts; maybe a guard could prevent the bizarre fears from becoming reality.

From our perspective, however, we can see divine irony in these words. Satan had seemingly won a great victory on the cross, for the Heir had been slain. Thus, the one act that he had to prevent was that of the actual resurrection, for all of Christ’s message depended on His victory over death.

Note the limitation in the words “as sure as you can.” How tightly sealed and well-guarded must a tomb be to contain the Creator of all things? If His purpose was to die and rise from the dead, would man’s or Satan’s efforts be able to thwart it? “As sure as you can” was surely not sure enough!

Today we know that the tomb’s sealed entrance was breached, not so much to allow Him out but to allow us to see inside. Satan’s henchmen still deny the resurrection, but their efforts are just as futile as those who tried to keep Him inside. The fact remains, He left the tomb, triumphantly offering eternal life to all who believe! JDM


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